Building Resilience, one mind at a time

The Red Door Resilience Project addresses an exigency that the Covid 19 pandemic and its psychological fallout has thrown into sharp relief- the need to systematically prepare young people for an increasingly volatile and unpredictable future. 

The idea of equipping individuals with competencies that would safeguard them from debilitating emotional distress when faced with adversity was born during TRD’s decade-long work in the area of mental health. 

The Resilience Project emerges from, and builds on this idea. Drawing from the best of Resilience science, the program focuses on enhancing psycho-social fitness through experiential learning techniques in a module-based format.


A systemic approach to Resilience

The program approaches resilience from a systemic perspective, recognising that relationship networks and social institutions have as crucial a role to play in facilitating resilience as innate capacity. 

Therefore, while we prioritise the nurturing of individual resilience, we are as committed to creating an ecosystem that enables empathetic connections and a sense of purpose in the young, allowing them to consolidate their own capacity for resilience while helping others build theirs.

The courses we offer through The Red Door Resilience Project are compliant with guidelines from The Resilience Research Centre, Halifax, Canada and MGIEP, UNESCO.


Our courses are:


Unlocking Resilience engages individuals in an exploration and strengthening of their innate capacity for resilience as we help them discover ways of contributing meaningfully towards building resilience in the lives of others.

    A 5 hour foundational workshop that explores the basics of resilience-building, the role of protective factors and how to identify and optimize them.
    A 21 hour module-based program that takes individuals on a journey of reaching in, reaching out and going beyond as they learn to actualise resilience in their lives

FoRe: Fostering Resilience in Kids

FoRe is a 28 hour module-based program designed specifically for young minds to equip them with essential psycho-social competencies that will allow them to flourish now and to continue thriving in a volatile future.

FoRe incorporates a learner-centred approach embedded in experiential learning. It uses a formative assessment strategy to evaluate learners’ progress and inform course modification according to learners’ needs.


Teaching for Resilience offers teachers an insight into the concept of resilience and how it can be fostered in meaningful ways in the classroom.

    A 5 hour foundational workshop on exploring resilience as a concept and as a trainable outcome.
    A 10 hour workshop that focuses on enhancing teachers’ innate capacity for resilience while engaging with the best practices to facilitate resilience in students.