MH360°, a mental health festival, is The Red Door’s annual flagship event that brings the focus back to where it belongs- empowering individuals to explore what’s at the heart of their emotional distress and make informed choices on how they want to heal, with a firm understanding of societal factors and structural forces that impact our lives. The festival celebrates diversity, explores alternative frameworks of the mind, of healing and well-being and is envisioned as a life affirming celebration of our human-ness, of the fact that suffering is real but so is the possibility of flourishing.

Our festival is a rights-based, inclusive and diverse celebratory safe space for people of all hues. We take a 360-degree approach – to healing, acknowledging neurodiversity & social intersectionality. The festival will be a mix of conversations, talks, workshops and public participation events, with a special focus on marginalized voices.

MH 360° is aimed at reaching out to all those who want to seek help, but don’t know how and who to turn to. It will help them understand the many options that exist so that they are able to make an informed choice.


10 conversations |  8 workshops | 4 all-day events| 3 panels

1 open mic event | 2 gala events 

2 fabulous fun days

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International Speakers


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