MH 360° seeks to create a rights-based and inclusive celebratory safe space for people of all hues. We take a 360-degree approach – to emotional healing, acknowledging neuro-diversity & social intersectionality, and believe that these conversations are central to the discourse on mental health. The festival will be a mix of expert panels, therapeutic workshops and cultural events, with a special focus on marginalized voices. 

Our understanding of mental health is informed by various influences, including the WHO exposition of mental health, the UNCRPD’s recognition of psycho-social disabilities, stories of recovery of those with severe psychiatric diagnoses, ideas around Social Justice, Eastern Philosophy and Resilience Science.

Wellbeing is determined by multiple factors and MH360° foregrounds this understanding, while placing the idea of compassionate empowerment and healing at its centre.

Our cause

  • To demystify and normalize conversations around mental health, encouraging people to actively nurture their own and their loved ones’ emotional needs.
  • To offer a curated bouquet of resources/recovery choices for people in distress. Knowledge is power.
  • To encourage the building of solidarities, and collective safe spaces where people can access ways to strengthen the self, and have a better understanding of the pressures placed by society.