We are all unique. So are our problems and their solutions. For us, understanding everyone’s unique voice is key to helping one come to an understanding of one’s emotional distress. We are our own experts – but we need a little help to learn how to listen to our deepest desires. TRD helps find the path you need to walk to make sense of your journey.


Art nourishes the soul, and creates the little window needed to find a sense of equilibrium within. Different art practices help in their own ways. We have used painting, writing, martial arts and music in various ways in our journeys and encourage those who want to work with us to do the same.


We have invariably found that emotional breakdowns are connected with larger existential questions around meaning and purpose in life. We encourage people to discover answers to those questions, and make sense of their life choices.


It may seem like a lot of work, and overwhelming in the beginning. But we have found time and again that it is only when we empower ourselves with self-knowledge that we are able to win the battle against emotional and mental distress.


The Red Door works on the basis of the idea of informed peer support, an increasingly popular way to provide real support to those going through a difficult time. When we first began, the peer support was offered both offline and online. With time, we now work to train peer supporters, especially in school settings. See our work under the ‘Peaceful Warriors’ program for details.


The United Nations Convention on the Rights of People with Disability (UNCRPD), signed and ratified by India, has a number of recommendations that foreground the rights of those with mental illness. We are one of the few organisations in India to be UNCRPD compliant.