The Red Door (TRD) is a mental health initiative that believes that the discourse around emotional and mental well being needs to be more inclusive, diverse and respectful of the myriad realities that we inhabit in our heads and lives.

TRD believes in holistic emotional wellness regardless of (psychiatric) labels and takes its inspiration from the struggles of people who have experienced extreme emotional states. At the same time, our programs take from some of the most cutting-edge research in Psychology, Neuroscience and Resilience Studies. TRD takes cognisance of the United Nations’ Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disability (UNCRPD) motto of “nothing about us, without us”. It is also extremely conscious of the intersections between mental health on the one hand, and gender, disability, social justice and sexuality on the other.


The United Nations Convention on the Rights of People with Disability (UNCRPD), signed and ratified by India, has a number of recommendations that foreground the rights of those with mental illness. We are one of the few organisations in India to be UNCRPD compliant.

We are all unique. So are our problems and their solutions.

Research forms the basis for our work.

We have invariably found that emotional breakdowns are connected with larger existential questions around meaning and purpose in life.

Art nourishes the soul, and creates the little window needed to find a sense of equilibrium within.

The Red Door works on the basis of the idea of informed peer support, an increasingly popular way to provide real support to those going through a difficult time.

Peaceful Warriors

Power – Purpose – Peace

The Peaceful Warriors program works in partnership with community schools, with a focus on children who come from difficult and disadvantaged backgrounds battling issues of identity, gender, sexuality and mental health.


Peer Support

Peer Support

Peer Support is a revolutionary concept in mental health, and has been an important pillar of our work with Mental Health.


TRD Resilience Project

Building resilience, one mindat a time

The TRD Resilience Project takes the best from four decades of research that tell us that resilience is a highly trainable outcome.



Because Stories Heal

Katharsis comes from our conviction that the stories we believe about our lives can determine the way in which we respond to difficult situations.


TRD Fellowship

Creating better leaders

Offered in partnership with CREA, the fellowship is an experiential immersion in ideas around mental health, social justice and disability for young women.




Aparna Sanyal


Multiple award winning non-fiction director and producer

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Reshma Valliappan


Masterclass in Resilience

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